The Lab is …

The Lab works with local, national, and international artists, museums, and galleries to make archival prints for exhibition, editions, and portfolios.

We work from Minneapolis, Minnesota with clients from all over the world.  Often it’s easier for Artists to work with us remotely.  You send us digital files of your artwork, and we send back proofs to wherever you are going to be. And, we do as many proofing sessions as necessary to get the images done right.  Rather than relying on print houses that do not understand the needs and particular nature of the visual artist and or photographer, you work with other Artists who understand the high quality you demand as an Artist.

We specialize in scanning, digital imaging, and archival pigment printing for exhibitions, editions, and portfolios.  Within The Lab is a sister company called Workprint Studios that is a digital workstation/printing facility available for rent to artists and photographers who want to make their own prints.

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