Big Shots

Big Shots was conceived as a large print project facilitated by the acquisition of new printing equipment at The Lab.  I asked 17 of my clients, friends, or acquaintances to do a large-scale print with us.  The idea was that the print would be shown at the shop for some time, up for an opening, and then given to the artist at the end.  Artists were chosen somewhat haphazardly–either they were in the studio on the right day, or I was familiar with their photographs and knew I wanted the opportunity to work with them. The images were each selected by the artist or in consultation with the Lab–with prints ranging in size from 30″x40″ to 60″x120″, and on various types of archival papers, canvas, and metal. The exhibiters are: Tom Arndt, Laura Crosby, Mike Dvorak, Vance Gellert, David Goldes, Stewart Klipper, Colin Kopp, Chris Larson, Anthony Marchetti, Scott Nedrelow, Justin Newhall, Steve Ozone, Josh Quigley, Paul Shambroom, Mickey Smith, Sean Smuda, Alec Soth, Angela Strassheim, Katherine Turczan, and JoAnn Verburg.

I remember a visit to the Toledo Museum of Art Print Room, where I saw a portfolio called “Big Shots” by Garry Winogrand.  The portfolio was oversized and the pictures were his images of famous people and political figures.  I thought it was a nice reverse use of that title for this show.  When applied to this show it is again a play on words.  “Big Shots” referring not only to the photography and large-scale photographic prints, but in reference to the notoriety of many of the artists in the show as well.

None of the images were selected due to the form or content of any of the other artist’s images.  Even though there was not a conscious curatorial process, the themes and relationships that emerged between some of the images is quite stunning.  This was a very fun show to hang because of the considerations we made in arranging them in our new space.  “Big Shots” is a testament to the Minneapolis photography scene and art community in general.  It’s also The Lab showcasing our skills and passion for excellence, not to mention our profound respect for each of the artists and their work.

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