The Lab
Founded in 2006, The Lab has gone through many transformations until finally becoming the digital imaging and print facility that it currently is.  Originally called Gray Matter, it was a live / work in Brooklyn, New York.  In 2006 The Lab set up shop in a small studio in Minneapolis and has been growing ever since.  The Lab has evolved from a one person print studio to a full-service, chemical-free printing facility including finishing services for large scale exhibition images.  East and West coast satellite Labs are currently in the planning stages and should be underway in late 2011.

Eric Recktenwald
Eric Recktenwald has been photographing and working in the photographic community for 15 years.  He has a background in digital imaging and an extensive education in Art and Photography.  Eric holds a BFA from Bowling Green State University as well as an MFA from Yale University.  In 2006 he started The Lab to facilitate his desire to be able to control every aspect of the digital imaging and printing process from start to finish.  In 2008 he started Workprint studios to make the facilities available to emerging artists who wanted to make their own prints using equipment provided by The Lab.

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